Resuming and acing it at your new job

You’re in! You got it! I am happy for you :smiley: :man_dancing:t5:

But don’t let that excitement make you forget how you got here and what you need to do to stay, grow and succeed here.

Steps I have found useful in this stage are:

  • Focus on your success metrics which you found out during the interview. If you didn’t find that out then, ask your manager now.
  • Give weekly updates to your manager without them asking. This helps carry them along and lets them know you are working
  • Be willing to take on projects, complete them and present them well. Presentation is key, else it looks like you did baby work.
    • Taking on projects helps you create achievements to include in your CV and increases your value to the company so you can easily get promotions and salary raises
  • Save, invest and save. So you have something for the rainy day.
  • Always close at closing time; all work and no play makes Jack/Jill dull. You have to learn to disconnect from work, so you have time to recharge.
  • And most importantly, always give your bestest best, do your work till it sings!

And that’s all folks! You’ve got the Job Thinking thing on a wrap :slight_smile:

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