Applying for jobs - Genuinely connect with your future colleagues

You know, like the saying “If you want to be rich, act as if”, so act as if and connect with the people who could be your future colleagues.

The goal here is to create “I know her/him!” moments so when the HR is reviewing your CV or talking with you and they are around, they say I know her/him. Also, this helps you be able to hear first when the company is hiring, as most companies tend to rely on their employee network of referrals for their best picks.

:hammer_and_wrench: Task: Find a few people who work in your ideal company and connect with them

The connection could be getting genuinely interested in what they share online, connecting with them over LinkedIn or something similar. Genuinely here is key because you want to do this because you are looking to connect, and not because you are looking for a job. If you can only focus on doing it for a job, then skip this step as it will only cause you issues later on.

You can do for all or some of the companies you found that match your ideal company. Do not post anything here as there is no need to post about specific people or mention their profiles here.

Next, you focus on one of the companies at a time and analyse them.