Preparing for the interview is more or less an extension of what you first did in Applying for jobs - Analyse the company. You’re just repurposing that for the interview.

:hammer_and_wrench: Task: Note your findings about the company and your possible interviewers

To do this:

  • Read and research extensively about the company
    • Learn from your genuine connections in the company
    • Understand what the company is about and what they value the most
    • Use whatever product or service the company offers thoroughly, what works, what doesn’t work
    • Over prepare with your fix/creation in hand for your interview
  • Read and research extensively on the possible interviewers and their likes
    • Find common interests, connections, bonds, history, likes and experience you share with the interviewers
    • Understand the path they used to get to where they are now, what about their background got them into the company now?See anything that gives you insight on your experiences and projects to highlight?
    • Talk, ask questions and answer the interviewers with respect to all these

And with that done, when you go for the interview, don’t forget to

  • Understand and learn what success is for the role
  • Understand and learn the timeline you’d have for onboarding and fitting in
  • Understand and learn the timeline you’d have for delivering success

Quote the Task text and post your notes on the company.

Next, you resume! Cos, you got the job! #positivethinking