CV rewriting

You are looking to create an awesome winning CV and you don’t know how? Simple! Use other people’s CV to audit and repair your CV.

Look through good CVs and LinkedIn profiles, and use how they wrote about their career and what they wrote to rewrite and restructure your CV. Ask yourself, what do I love about their CV, then take that, make it your own and add it to your CV.


In learning from other people’s CV, here are some tips I have found helpful:

  • Search for more experienced people in your career field. So if you are a Junior Project Manager, look at the LinkedIn profile and/or CV of a Senior Project Manager.
    • Use other experienced people in other career fields if you can’t find anyone more experienced in your field
  • Send your new and improved CV to your smart friends or HR friends to help you review
  • Use each job interview and application as a learning process
  • Talk with the HR of your current company or any HR you know to learn what they look for when they hire
  • When you list or write about things you have done as your work experience, always quantify (with numbers, percentages or clear descriptors) your achievements for the company. So you can rewrite “I built the new job system for Company XYZ” to be "As the lead on the job system project, I was able improved our hiring system which led to a 50% reduction in the HR applicant review system."
    • As an extra under this tip, always talk as a part of a team and not a lone wolf, the above example also applies here. This shows how you think about your team mates.