Building work experience and traction

When looking to get an awesome job, you have to have an awesome CV, work experience or what I like to call work traction.

:open_book: Work traction is the extent to which an idea, product, service, project, deliverable or item gains acceptance and/or popularity.

How do you build work traction so future employers find you very attractive?

Using your learned skills, you create a project or deliverable that solves a key problem for people around you. Something that a lot of people would find useful.

What you create can vary, let us run through some examples you can learn from:

Basically, use your skills to create something useful to a group of people and do it very well to your bestest best, these projects combined together as well as the awesome work you do for your current company, make up your work traction.

Once you do this well, companies will reach to you via these projects or you can use them to boost your applications to companies working in related fields where the project can be useful.

Not sure how to find the right product, project or deliverable to work on? My do-it-yourself guide on designing products, services or deliverables can help.