Learning the needed skills

Bold steps sharing all that! To create something you have to take it from your inner worlds and bring it out here on the physical, writing about what you want to create helps with this.

You have your skills listed, some of them you already have, here, we will work through the ones you do not have and to help you learn them.

Here, you’d need to do 3 things to complete this section:

  • Learn the skills you need
    • Find quality places online to learn the skills
  • Create a work deliverable with these skills

To learn the skills, first you need to find quality places to learn the skills you need, so for the task:

:hammer_and_wrench: Task: List out 3 places to learn each of the skills you have listed or the job as a whole.

Research each skill or the job as a whole and find sites, blogs and learning platforms that have materials on these skills. Be sure to list the ones that have more prominence on Google search or have a lot of users engaging with them on their platform (site, blog, social media, etc). There are a lot of quality and free materials available online, some of the paid ones are also good.

Once you’ve found suitable learning materials, quote the Task text and share the links to the places you found to learn from.

Next, you start the skill learning. You should move to this section after you’ve gotten likes or positive comments on your learning links or playlist for your skills.

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