Applying for jobs

Instead of the usual spray and pray/hope approach for applying for jobs, that is apply for multiple jobs and pray/hope one of them clicks or one of them reaches out, a more focused/targeted approach will give you much better results.

The targeted and focused approach is a 5 step process: Create, Find, Connect, Analyse and Reach-out. The last step is where the “application” happens. In more detail, these steps are:

  • Create your ideal company persona
  • Find companies that match your ideal company persona
  • Genuinely connect with people who work there
  • Analyse the company
    • Find something they need fixed that you can fix, fix it or
    • Create something you feel they’d find valuable that is in line with your skill set/ideal job role
  • Reach-out to the company with your fix or creation.

We will go through each of the sections one by one, starting with creating your ideal company persona