Learn Market Thinking

Learn Market Thinking: Frameworks and Methodologies to Grow to a $100m+ Business

Ever wondered about how businesses strategize and grow so easily? In this guide, we share links to Brian Balfour’s Four Fit Framework on structuring your business so that it fits the users you are building for, the market they are in, the channels you’ll leverage to get to them and the model you’ll apply to make the best returns on your investments.

Go through the Essay Series below, starting from the first essay to the last to understand the frameworks and how to apply them to your business. For a quick summary of the concept in each essay, watch the videos at the start of the essay.

If you need any clarification or help as you go through the resources here, feel free to reply to this topic using the Reply button at the bottom of this topic.

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Essay Series

  1. Why Product-Market Fit Isn’t Enough
  1. Market-Product Fit: The Road to a $100M Company Doesn’t Start with Product
  1. Product-Channel Fit: Product Channel Fit Will Make or Break Your Growth Strategy
  1. Channel-Model Fit: Get Out of the ARPU-CAC Danger Zone with Channel Model Fit
  1. Model-Market Fit: The Model Market Fit Threshold & What it Means for Your Growth Strategy
  1. How The Four Fits Work Together: Why Most Companies Fail At Moving Up or Down Market
  1. A Case Study On HubSpot.com For How The Four Fits Work Together - [Building a Growth Framework Towards a $100 Million Product — Brian Balfour]

You now understand your target market and what is required of you. The next step in your Business Thinking Process is for you to understand your users and how they think. Do this by taking the User Thinking workshop. This will help structure your prototype product to be sticky or habitual to use.