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While working with different clients and companies as a community manager, a product manager or working in some other growth-focused role, I realised that, when certain frameworks are applied in a specific way, you can create growth for products and their companies in an unprecedented way by leveraging their communities.

Business goals will change, product roadmaps adjusted and strategies restrategized!

Growth becomes organic and sustainable and the project/company no longer needs to struggle and chase after growth, instead growth chases after the company!

I’d like to share this process with you, and by doing this, give you new tools to use in your day to day roles in driving business growth.

You’ll pick up new abilities, mindsets and methods on how to design, experiment, develop and rebuild companies to achieve organic, sustainable and scalable growth.

The process is a framework that combines the following mental models:

  1. Design Thinking
  2. Business Model Thinking
  3. Market Thinking
  4. User Thinking
  5. Agile Project Thinking

To start your learning of this process, you’ll work through the list above, starting with Design Thinking to build your creative confidence and understand how to design innovative solutions.

If you need any help or have any questions as you go through each guide, feel free to reply in the topic you are on stating your issue and someone will reply soonest.

I’ll keep updating this guide with more mental models as I learn more, some new guides in the works include:

  • Emotional Intelligence: How to understand and work better with people
  • Community Thinking: How to manage and engage with your community/team members to love you

If you’d like a guide to help you while you go through these exercises, please let me know. You may have to compensate the guide for their time.