Exploring solutions to affordable access to clean water

  1. Assuming ‘mai ruwa’ guys have smartphones, a solution can be created that connects them to people who need water based on location and availability.

  2. Companies with water treatment plants can begin to repackage clean water and do doorstep delivery directly or through agents in a sort of Uber-for-water model.

  3. Following up on the idea that an app can be created that connects ‘mai ruwa’ with people in need of water, and looking at how people who otherwise were not in transport/logistics business began to drive taxis as a result of the platform Uber created, the solution we create that connects people who have water and those in need of water could attract those who see the opportunity, who may not be ‘mai ruwa’ at the moment, but have a smartphone, access to water and are willing to provide the water delivery service.

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1.) To ensure clean water availability, we can create a partnership or collaboration between water factories that have water treatment plants, individuals who have smartphones, and individuals who have the ability to deliver water to households. This way, we have both business-to-business and business-to-consumer channels. Also, it ensures people have more options and are certain that the water they are getting is clean too.

2.) Also, we can have a platform that connects people who have smartphones with owners of water plants in such a way that people with smartphones have maruwas who may not have smartphones. The request comes to the smartphone owner, while Maruwa gets the water from the water plant factory and delivers it to individuals.

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