Experiences with access to clean water

Nice one @Debbie, nice one. Are you beginning to see whether water is a problem or no?

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You’d need to dig in a bit deeper, from the responses, there is still more info left to know. Like:

What did they now do? Where they using the water like that? How did they manage? Is the water still dirty?

Think and contemplate about their stories, be curious. By contemplating I mean:

Try to figure out the full story and understand what is happening completely in their experience.

Taking a look at the other shared experiences;

How were they getting the mai ruwa? Was it easy? Was it hard? Were there days when there wasn’t mai ruwa? How did they cope? Dig in some more.

I see they bought drinking water here, but for this mai ruwa water, were they satisfied with what they got for cooking? Or were they just managing it? Not asking directly, but try to find out if they ever wanted more.

Do this for all of them and dig in deeper. Then you’ll start to see and know whether access to clean water is a problem or not and how people are coping. And by knowing how they are coping it becomes easier to know how tech can make that coping mechanism easier for them.