Learn User Thinking

Learn User Thinking: How Emotions and Design can Create Habit-Forming Products

Scroll through and use the resources here to learn how people think and behave (user psychology) to learn how to build for and work with them. Doing this will give you additional tools in your toolkit to pick from and solve hard problems and create innovative solutions.

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To understand and learn how to influence how people (users) think about your product or service, you’ll need to:

  1. Understand people’s emotions and how they influence their actions and feelings
  2. Understand a behavioural model called Hooked Model works and how you can apply it in designing, redesigning and building your product or service
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Understanding Emotions And How To Design To Please

  1. How emotions are an integral part of thinking and decision making
  2. How Emotions define people’s decisions
  3. Why good design makes us happy
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Understanding the Hooked Model and applying it

  1. A 30 Mins Summary on How to Build Habit-Forming Products Using The Hook Model and BJ Fogg’s Behaviour Model
  2. A workbook on the Hooked Model with exercises on how to apply it
  3. A case study on Behaviour and Habit-Forming Design: How Amazon’s Alexa design changes our behaviour
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Extra: A deeper dive on Prof. BJ Fogg’s Model

You’ll need to have gone through the above materials to value or understand how to leverage this paper.

  1. A Behavior Model for Persuasive Design

You have come a long way in the Business Thinking Process . Now that you understand how your users think, take the Agile Project Thinking Course to give you insight into how to manage and execute your business idea.