Zabeth's Ideation Process

Summary of today’s call (Wednesday 10th August 2022)

  1. Overview of the BootCamp processes.
  2. Ideation/Design thinking


  1. See the ideation process more from the problem’s perspective than the solution itself. Think through the problems in their integral parts.

Watch videos on the design thinking process
Pick a problem you would like to solve.

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Hi hi, how’s it going? Any ideas popping up yet?

Problem: Fashion across the border.

  • Small and medium-scale African designers are unable limited to their local environments.
    Unlike their western counterparts, exporting or selling their pieces to other African or Western countries proves extremely difficult.

Why this problem though?

With my prior knowledge of the fashion space, I see that our local fashionistas actually have too much work on their hands and most times fail to deliver to the local clients on time.

This problem isn’t a pain, it is more of a nice to have. You’ll want to solve a pain, something painful that has made people cry, feel sad or bad.

During our earlier conversations, you talked about farmers and our local agriculture industry and how the real local farmers are not being seen or connected to their clients. Any reason why you haven’t suggested a problem tied to food or farming or agric?

It’s problem for both parties (the consumer and the designer).

Clothing is one of the basic human needs, alongside the need for comfort, then the sentimental value of culture and fashion style, thus an average Nigerian spends bulk income on clothing. These people would rather spend their income on affordable African-made (bringing it home, Nigerian-made) outfits but for lack of easy accessibility to these outfits, they are forced to spend their income on expensive imported western outfits which sometimes are even of inferior quality.

The problem here: Lack of access to small and medium, local fashion.

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Ah, I see I see. Make sense. It is hard to get locally made clothing either because of quality or one does not know where they are.

Okay. With this problem defined, are you set to move to the next steps or you’re okay as is?

Here’s a link to the feedback from customer research

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I can’t seem to access the document, I just requested access.

Neatly done and written out beautifully. That would be excellent, but for building a product, if you push out anything perfectly, you pushed it out tooooooooooooooo late.

I’d suggest writing out the raw excerpts without putting it into sections as your goal here is to pull out their needs or goals and insights. But first you’d have to put out what they were telling you before you coined out the needs and insights.

Just remember, it is okay for it to look poor and badly written, those are the best ones.