Updates regarding progress of growth clinic cohort 0

Hello everyone. In our bid to create a seamless experience for each and every single of you, we would like to share some updates with you.

Update 1

A good number of us have selected a problem, so it is now time to start. We initially planned to get everyone working on problems they picked or similar problems, but the current selections are too different for that to happen. Instead everyone will work on one similar problem; Waste. Our reason for changing to this plan is two-fold:

  1. The current problems are too different and complex to mix and match together, which I mentioned above,
  2. Using the same problem for everyone makes it easier for the team/teams in case anyone drops off later on. This will make it easier for teams to merge and work together.

For the work to begin, everyone would be put in groups of two and the pairs are written below, along with the reasons for the selection:

  1. @Rafiat and @Cisco; most active members since we started
  2. @FunmiOkonta and @Inechristine; they selected similar problems
  3. @Khalilone62 and @Rhymah; so everyone gets a team

Update 2

Rugba, Bilikis and Abisola have been quite busy and have not been able to join in as much as we’d like, after follow up calls to them to see how we could help, nothing substantive has happened. We have discussed with them and agreed that they rest from this cohort for now, so they don’t keep everyone waiting.

Going forward, we will remove them from the Cohort Zero group which means they’ll also no longer be able to post in #gc-sessions category we use for tasks. They can see the happenings and partake on the tasks on their own, but we will no longer be able to guide and follow up with them. We really want everyone to have the best experiences without holding anyone back.

Update 3

We’ll be having another cohort call this week, we’ll pick a day and time that works for us. We were thinking we use the same day and time as our last call, but we have some announcements for you and we’d also like to give you enough time to prepare, so we are proposing Wednesday by 2 PM. Let us know your thoughts.

Before the call, kindly complete your onboarding guide, including the materials to be read (quite vital, I must say). It is never too much reading for a product manager, as this is one of your basic skills you need; the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. You also need to know how to read/gain new knowledge as well as find/research this knowledge, your onboarding tasks were selected to help you learn these.

You need to also read and research on Waste our chosen problem, especially as it relates to Nigeria. Please be prepared to also share what you find/learn, bonus points for those who are all set for this.

I know network connections can be unfriendly at times and I couldn’t fault you for that. But please, we’d like to have a call where we can see each other’s faces and connect some more. If this is not possible, please holla ahead of time. Our planned agenda for this call will be:

  • Questions
  • Weekly catch up
  • The first task

Feel free to reply to this topic if you need any explanation.


Duly noted, See you on Wed.


See you on Wednesday


Thanks for your message Raheemah.

Just to be sure that I am clear on the CTAs, they are:

  1. Let you know if 2:00pm works for me. (It does work for me, please. Thank you)
  2. Research on the waste situation in Nigeria, ahead of the meeting.

And finish your onboarding setup and reading!

The onboarding setup is over at Welcome to Growth Clinic - Chit Chat - Growth Clinic, go through that topic to see other people’s replies and how you can add yours.

It seems you have done all of the welcome guide, but we aren’t certain, so a confirmation in form of a reply to that topic with the checklist would be awesome.


Hello Everyone🤗!!!
@Rafiat @Cisco @FunmiOkonta @Inechristine @Khalilone62

Here is a link to join the meeting: https://meet.google.com/jbu-zpey-fgm