Updates on Call Held 07/07/2021

Hello everyone🤗
@Rafiat @Cisco @FunmiOkonta @Khalilone62

Here are the feedback from today’s meeting.

  1. A topic needs to be created in which your research notes would be shared. This would comprise a summary of your research, processes made use of, the questions asked, the replies and the insights you derived. This is based off your work on the first task.
  1. Once the research notes are shared, @osioke will comment on them and this will form your next task.
    Note that these research notes serve as a form of traction on your work done to allow you be hired or invested in. It will be a living document of your team’s progress.

  2. Set up your notifications so you better get updates as we are trying to stop the usual follow up calls.

  3. Share update posts of your work so it is easier for us to know what you are working on and not feel nothing is being done.

Thank you :hugs:


Thanks for the update Raheemah✨

Funmilayo Anita Okonta