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To go through the Product Lifecycle from Ideation to Marketing to understand Product Management.

To do this, we will pick a problem, design a solution and develop it.

Problem statement

Traffic in Lagos

Focusing on the ‘How’ : how can we make traffic less stressful in Lagos.

My Task

Customer interviews with 3-5 people on their experience commuting to work during rush hour or commuting anywhere in Lagos. Finding the real customer’s problem.

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Customer Interview by Sharon

Problem statement

Traffic in Lagos

Focusing on the ‘How’ : how we can make traffic less stressful in Lagos.

Customer 1

How has your experience been commuting in Lagos?

Commuting in Lagos is terrible and discouraging. In Lagos it is not where to go, it is how to get there. The hassle of trying to get private cabs and the hike in prices of these certain cabs can be discouraging, other alternative modes of transportation like BRTs and Buses are not reliable, the queue for BRTs is an eye sore and before I can get to my destination I would be extremely late. Bikes in Lagos were banned since then traffic has tripled, coupled with insecurities of buses such as kidnappings, hit and run and armed robbers can also make taking buses in Lagos discouraging.There are also no enough roads, commuters passing one road especially on the island is a major problem.

How do you navigate traffic?

I leave very early in the morning, that’s the only way I can navigate through traffic.

Customer proposed solutions

Building alternative routes fast

There should be more traffic wardens

The bus system should be worked on

There should me more BRTs that can move everywhere

Real problem observation by the PM: Time, money, insecurity and comfort.

Customer 2

How has your experience been commuting in Lagos?

I dread going out in Lagos, I get exhausted and my excitement dies when I get to my destination. No matter how early I wake up, I still experience heavy traffic. The causative agents for this traffic for me are; Bad roads, impatient drivers that do not obey traffic laws and so many cars on the road also police escorts controlling traffic for their own benefit, transportation fares of hailing cabs are as well ridiculous and the delay of cabs, talking about transportation the average nigerian salary is not even enough to afford these cabs.

How do you navigate traffic?

No matter what I do, I cannot seem to navigate traffic.

Customer proposed Solutions

Fixing bad roads

Provision of comfortable public transport

More traffic wardens that do their jobs

Increase wages

Real problem observation: Time, money and comfort.

Customer 3

How has your experience been commuting in Lagos?

I find it draining and very tiring because of the annoying traffic. Police escorts trying to beat traffic, the bad roads, commuters not obeying traffic laws and the overpopulation, drivers passing one way is also a causative agent of traffic in lagos.

How do you navigate traffic?

I pass shortcuts

I make use of google map

Customer proposed solutions

Commuters should be more patient and obey traffic laws

Traffic wardens should endeavor to do their jobs

There should be more traffic lights in locations where they are needed

Real problem observation: Time and comfort

Customer 4

How has your experience been commuting in Lagos?

I find it very tiring, trying to get a cab can be a hassle, drivers acting up on the way(happens sometimes), the heavy traffic due to bad roads. Hailing apps prices are outrageous, most times when I use a hailing app that we agree on a specific price before booking and the driver comes and requests more money it can be annoying. I also find it hazardous to the health to stay in traffic for long hours

How do you navigate traffic?

I move when I feel like there is no traffic. I don’t go out during rush hour, I move around (11-1) so I can get there before 4pm and I move around 10pm/11pm at night.

Customer proposed solutions

The Government needs to create more alternative routes

The government need to talk to road experts and get information from different countries

Government also needs to emulate developed countries

Real problem observation: Health money , insecurity and money.

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This is really good! I see you stuck to the questioning and followed it to the Tee! :sweat_smile: A tip is to relax a bit and enjoy the conversation following the bits that interest you.

For instance I found customer 4’s talk about hailing apps and prices interesting, and they all talked about being drained in different ways. Why? What is happening there? …

So what parts did you find interesting?

Try talking to them some more and do it like a conversation, enjoy it and remember that you’re talking to them to learn something from them. So basically dig deeper, this is your jext task.

Hi @Sharon just following up here :slightly_smiling_face:

Following our call, here are some articles to help you develop the mindset to dig in deeper than what you see on the surface.

  1. Ask why a lot; The Five Whys Principle
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