R&K’s design process

Here’s our design thinking process

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The following conversation took place on Monday, 07-07-2021 within the hours of 5pm and 6:50pm between two parties labelled Q and A indicating questions and answers

Q: How do you go about waste disposal?
A: Personally, my household waste is disposed in 3 stages: there’s a bin in the kitchen, room and outside the door.
I put the waste from the kitchen in a nylon and place it outside the door. Once it gets filled up, I take it to the main garbage outside.


Q: Who picks up this waste?
A: We have a general waste disposal system, by we, I mean, members in the compound. We pay #10 200/month and the pickup is twice a month.

Q: Is it a private owned waste disposal system or government-owned?
A: Private. This is in Ife, Osun state by the way. The problem is the trash is usually overflowing and emanates horrible odor.


Emotion detected was frustration usually caused by collection agents ie they delay the pickup process.

Insights gathered: There’s poor waste management from other members of the compound, ie culture/people attitude towards hygiene is poor

  • The waste isn’t secure, animals go through it
  • The user does not always remember to take out his trash, till it’s overflowing and uncomfortable
  • The user has asthma, and allergies.
  • The waste poses a threat to the user’s physical and mental health

Here’s a problem statement: Ola needs a way to dispose his waste/trash because it affects his health, but he doesn’t have a reliable system to track/manage the disposal process.

Waste here is biodegradable, municipal solid waste (MSW)


We also discussed non-biodegradable waste and methods of collection.

Here’s the proposed solution:

  • A prompting system; sends notifications to take out the trash
  • A gamified system that also rewards members who sort their trash (nylons, bottles individually)
  • A gig economy for trash collectors.

We also considered a few major significant contributors in this field: smartbin.io & planet3r.org

That’ll be all for now. Thanks


Nice one! Check out the structure or how the wordings were presented in these notes below:

Use these to improve your own.

Also, this reads like only the questions from one of you, can you indicate who asked who and then the other party should share their own questions?

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