Pick A Problem

Is there a problem that you feel needs to be solved, something you have personally felt but haven’t seen a way to fix it? Something that makes you uncomfortable or causes you pain?

What problem was it? How were you affected? Please share below.


So last year I had a logistics issue that lead me to creating my first product called OJA.com ( a logistics and commerce platform for sellers that leverages blockchain technology)


Building OJA made me more user focused, made me understand the the necessities of iterations and versioning. I now understand that there is a broader scope to product development than just the technical development


Well Summarized! Thank you Rhymah.

I mentioned that a few problems I’d like to solve include:

  • quality of roads
  • proper waste disposal
  • encouraging a recycling habit

Hii @Cisco.

I can totally relate with you. We would however like to run the task on a new problem.

What issue have you faced and you have always longed to create a solution for? Why? How would you like to go about it?

Please tell your story in the simplest terms🤗


Hey @Rafiat @FunmiOkonta

Kindly state your problem ideas here as it was broken down on the call🤗.

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Problem I discovered:

I’ve been finding it difficult to access customers as a food distributor.

Why I want to create a solution for it:

We’ll, I love food. I believe it doesn’t make sense that our continent is so big on food and yet its so expensive. I believe a fed stomach is a healthy mind.

The way food moves says a lot about its cost. I believe digitizing its distribution will ultimately impact food production and price positively

What I’ve done about it:

It led me to working with a team that builds products that make it easier for distributors to grow their customer base by leveraging digital tools.


Hello @Rhymah,

I was thinking something in line with real estate; accommodation and workspace for young adults (with paid employment), or something to assist people with homes already get roommates, like Airbnb.

Or something for students, study-and-earn, just something that’ll bring in extra income for undergrads, not too stressful. Something like data annotation. The work could be weekends only

Or something again for students to gain extra skills (as you know you’re studying nonsense​:rofl::rofl::rofl: so you’re preparing for the future already) eg I am studying Compt science but I want to do my IT in a Design place, there could be opportunities for that as well.

A community for mental health patients to come together, like a support group


Nice one Ibrahim, for a problem for this, it would be better if it is something you haven’t worked on yet, that is something you are still looking for a solution for, that way you can better see the process at work.

I have edited the OP to better explain this, sorry about the confusion.


Alright, here goes.

I’m a mechanical engineer by training and I realised our training hardly gives us enough to go by.

I’ve thought, what of an “Andela for mechanical engineers” where the engineers can be trained and their sills outsourced.

It needs some tinkering but…


Okay! Nice! Now that’s a good one, it is a solution though, not a problem. Think instead of a problem and share, don’t worry about the solution.

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Hello Raheema. Hello everyone. The problem of poor waste management is one that I would like to solve.


So thinking about a problem I’ll like to solve and patient data management and rapid response to health issues are the most worry some