Learning Goals

  • Understand the power of building an engaged community of users
  • Learn to identify and connect with my target audience
  • Develop killer strategies for community building and engagement
  • Master the art of using data and analytics to measure success
  • Collaborate like a boss with cross-functional teams
  • Develop my leadership and communication skills to motivate and inspire my community
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Awesome goals! Instead of preaching to you like a teacher, I’ll work with you as a your guide helping adopt mental models that will help you develop your own frameworks that bring these goals to life.

Before jumping in with the first task, would you mind introducing yourself over at the Introduce yourself! topic?

Thank you for your intro! To kickstart this, I’ll share a question:

What is one thing, issue or problem that annoys you so much?

We’d use your answer to work towards what we would be doing/building with the community.

Logistics and Delivery issues for marketplaces

Interesting :thinking:

You’re thinking too far with the problem to the point you already know the name and the industry. This would create a box. Boxes block out ingenuity and opportunities for creativity to flourish. Remember the statement “think outside the box”?

So relax.

Remove your ecosystem or product hat.

Wear your Ifeoluwa baby girl hat (or whatever other down to earth everyday hat you have when not working)

Look more at the everyday things that irritate you.

Forget a big idea or creating something massive, look more at now and the simple things.

The problem would be something very very simple, but something that pisses you the fuck off.

To give a bit more context on this, Stanford runs a similar training and the problem they are solving for is the gift-giving experience. Gift giving is very simple, so simple it can be ridiculed as something to focus on. But that exercise has given birth to so much brilliance!

Take another stab at this:

And also, as you do this, go back to the intro topic and share something fun about yourself. Follow the prompt in the topic and share about you as a human.

Both of these steps are very VERY important here.

Okay, I think I get you.
One thing that annoys me is the process of getting stuff down to my location - the lateness, endless conversations, difficulty in figuring out my location etc. The fact that the process is so dependent on humans means there are so many hassles!

Also, the intro does give “something fun” about myself. I mentioned that I love African Literature, and it’s something I spend quite some time on. Not fun enough? :full_moon_with_face:

Let’s jump on a call. When are you free for?

Does tomorrow by 10am work?

I can make that work. Let’s do it. I have sent the calendar invite.

One problem that annoys me is figuring out what to eat EVERY MEAL TIME and actually getting to eat those stuff - and ensuring they are healthy for me too!

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Another stab at the earlier problem:
I order stuff A LOT - most of my shopping is done virtually - and from different stores.
One thing that annoys me so much is the poor customer service and the fact that I am not carried along on the status of my deliveries - I am the one that has to do the reaching out, and if anything causes delays, I am left in the dark.

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Very interesting problem! This was a big issue for me too, so I can relate. Let’s work with the figuring out healthy meal options to eat when you want to eat option.

For the next set of tasks, you will do the following:

Get 3 individuals you can ask a few questions around this.

They can be your friend, your manager, a colleague or a random stranger. Preferably someone you know who works in a team and has experience with this problem.

  • They will form the initial community you are building for this exercise.

Get a way to record your notes

  • Get a pen and note, a notepad or a recorder to write out and record their responses to your questions. This will tell you more about this experience and ways to improve it.

Reply below when you are done.

Hi @Ifeoluwa, how is it going? Let’s do a call maybe I can help in some way and we can use this to meet with @Moh your fellow cohort member.

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